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BECKER Vacuum pump

With the vacuum manufacturing history for more than 130 years, BECKER has a larger product range especially the OIL FREE and OIL Lubricated which has a capacity up to 630m3/hr.The BECKER OIL FREE Vane pumps is among the top of its class due to its long lasting vanes life and durability.BECKER pumps are widely used in Paper, Printing , Plastic , Pick and place , Tobacco , Food packaging, Plastic packing, Pharmaceutical , Semiconductor, Electronic and many others application.


Product description

Becker Vacuum pump

Rockwell Bangladesh have a team of administration staff can swiftly identify the parts you need to keep our pumps running and serviced. Our company is specializing in vacuum pumps system/repairs in Bangladesh.

Becker Vacuum Pump

Becker vacuum pumps Simplicity of design with only one shaft and direct drive produces robust, long-lasting vacuum pumps with low maintenance and running costs. These vacuum pumps operate completely oil-free; the individual chambers are separated by long-life vanes. …Already featuring integrated intake filters and control valves, these vacuum pumps can be fitted with other accessories without a problem. The compact cover ensures low noise and heat emission. Optional corrosion protection also makes these vacuum pumps suitable for extracting moist air.

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